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What are we doing?

Working to foster a “sense of place” by making it easy to live and invest in downtown via key catalyst projects that attract private investment and increase downtown residents by creating a thriving, clean and safe, pedestrian friendly, cultural-driven, downtown center that leverages its historical character and spatially reconnects with the UTB/TSC campus.

Vision Themes Affected

Prosperous, Vibrant, Efficient, Engaged

Key Strategies

  • Riverfront Development Plan integrated with Matamoros river front development.
  • Brownsville Crossing Center Plan, 11th Street Corridor Project, Capitol Theatre Restoration Project, Downtown Parking Plan, Cathedral Plaza Project, Market Square Cleanup, Barry Horn Open Mart Project

Recent Successes

  • Creation of the Historic Downtown Entertainment District as a year-round historic, cultural and artistic attraction that makes Brownsville a destination.
  • Commencement of Riverfront Development Plan, Market Square Small Area and Downtown Financing Plan.

What are the Latest Developments?

April 27, 2012  - The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, in conjunction with the City of Brownsville held the first Build a Better Block Project meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to create a taskforce who will engage in the build-out of the better block project in the downtown area.  The goal of this project is to move beyond artist renderings of what downtown could look like and move to creating a demonstrative space for citizens to interact with.

You are encouraged to visit www.betterblock.org to get a better understanding about the project that we will be doing.




Market Square Better Block Report.